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A 30-minute featurette written, directed, edited and produced by C.S. Drury.

Ravens premiered at the 15th Annual New York City PictureStart Film Festival in Manhattan in 2011. DVDs available here.


Students Turn For A Change

A one-hour documentary film produced by C.S. Drury about Project 540, a revolutionary high school civic engagement initiative funded by The Pew Charitable Trusts. The film was distributed by American Public Television and aired on over fifty PBS stations nationwide.

Told from the perspective of young people, the film looks at issues most important to them, and at the role of high schools as “practice grounds” for democracy. Over 140,000 students in 230 schools in 15 different states participated in Project 540 during its first year, 2002-2003.


New York Now

An online video magazine featuring John Gomes and Fredrik Eklund, spotlighting creative individuals, neighborhoods, businesses, cultural events, and property listings in Manhattan. New York Now is no longer available for streaming.



An independent feature length film directed and edited by C.S. Drury about a young couple caught in the midst of a worldwide gas crisis. Empty was first distributed by Vanguard Cinema and is currently available to stream in various digital movie marketplaces.