the-light-inside-covers-halfThe Light Inside: Welcome to the World of Spirit was written by C.S. Drury and published by Puma Negra Publishing.

Originally conceived of as a newcomer’s guide to spiritual life, The Light Inside has become much more than that. Since it’s release in 2014 the book has reached thousands of readers across the globe and continues to attract a wide and diverse audience.

I’m grateful for the opportunities I had to study and practice with the wisdom teachers and traditions that inspired this book. My hope is that The Light Inside will provide companionship to others on their own spiritual journeys for many years to come.” 

positivethinking_ebook_cover_newPositive Thinking in a Dark Age is a collection of fourteen essays written over the past fifteen years by visionary activist, thinker and teacher, Jim Tull. The collection was compiled by C.S. Drury and published by Puma Negra Publishing.

In a contentious world where social action usually means either direct aid or some form of political response, these essays together promote a ‘third way’ that is rooted in systems thinking, cultural transformation and the rebuilding of small-scale communities. Evidence of cultural and systemic unraveling is exposed throughout the essays, but emphasis is placed more on guiding and inspiring change. The author’s own journey is profiled in a way that balances prophetic philosophy with the deeply personal, including his dreaming life and trials of romantic love. There is scarcely a sentence in this collection that does not directly serve the vision uniting all fourteen essays.

All author proceeds from the sale of this book (print and electronic versions) will be donated to La Via Campesina, a global movement supporting small and medium-size farmers, landless people, women farmers, indigenous people, migrants and agricultural workers.

stories_that_heal_booksTell Stories That Heal: Modern Day Initiations is a LOVEspun work of heART. An anthology of prose and poetry, thirteen contributors (including C.S. Drury) who bring voice and honor to the many ways experience can heal us. Stories of breaking down to breaking through; losing self, losing others, facing fears, accepting the unacceptable, building strength, moving beyond, finding forgiveness, claiming worth, coming home, regaining self, reconnecting through birth, resilience, death, and ultimately love. Profits from the sale of Tell Stories That Heal help fund programs empowering the voices of our youth. Check out Awakening The Phoenix website for more information about the project and contributors.

Providence_bookcover“Providence helps us to think differently about our interconnected world by examining the psychology of terrorism, migration, and national security in an accessible and provocative way. With this play C.S. Drury has solidified himself as an important new voice in American political drama.” – Nicholas Longo, PhD, Director of Global Studies Program at Providence College

Set in Rhode Island in the year 2022, Providence is a dystopian drama that challenges assumptions about the psychology of terrorism and politics of place. The play examines ethics of dissent and peacemaking from the perspective of American citizens wrestling with their understandings of liberty, justice and the pursuit of happiness. Through it’s plot and character development, Providence raises some of the most critical questions of our time and jumpstarts a dialogue on freedom, ethics, non-violence and the politics of resistance in the 21st century.

Providence received its world premiere as a staged reading at the Brecht Forum in New York City in 2007.

amityfalls_book1&2_revisedAmity Falls is a short fiction series about a town called Amity Falls where nothing is as it seems, and darkness lurks just below the friendly surface. Fun stuff.

While the series attracted a small and loyal following I ultimately decided to put it aside in order to pursue other projects.

This series is currently unavailable for purchase.


So Long Lives This is a one-act play that explores a long and close friendship facing a sad challenge. The play follows two best friends and roommates experiencing the difficulty of letting go. In an attempt to alleviate the suffering of his best friend, the younger man buys his older roommate a hospital bed for their living room. The man violently refuses the gesture, insisting that allowing the bed to come in will turn their living room into a dying room.

So Long Lives This was written and performed by C.S. Drury and Bill Quigley and received its world premiere at the Herbert Berghof Playwrights Foundation in 2009. It went on to win the Alan Minieri Playwriting Award at the American Globe Theatre in 2010. The play was published by Smith and Krause in 2011.

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